GenClenz Herbal Steam

We call it GenClenz because we recognize the healing power of this treatment for men and women.  Also, our experience includes far more than just sitting on a pot for 30 minutes.

Other names for this healing treatment are Choi Yak, Yoni Steam, V Steam, Lingham Steam, A Steam, Herbal steam.


The healing herbs are a customized blend that is infused through the reproductive and anal systems to dispel negative energy and heal the spirit, soul and body.

A Genclenz session includes meditation in a tranquil space filled with healing crystals, sound therapy, herbs and essential oils that will help improve health and shift your energy.  


For years, men and women have used this to cleanse spirit, soul and body after ending intimate and personal relationships in order to break soul ties and prepare for future positive relationships.  


This process has been known to promote healing for prostate, erectile dysfunction,  PMS, endometriosis,  fibrosis,  cysts, infertility  and more.

This service can be scheduled as a private session or for two or three guests.  Great for girls day or couples date.

Extend your experience with additional services to lift your vibration to another level of healing and peace.

Contraindications: Herbal steam can not be done while pregnant, wearing an IUD or while on your cycle.

GenClenz Gathering

A bonding experience for up to 8 people.

Meet, greet and change into your Robes.

Learn the history of Herbal Steam, customize your herbal blend, steam for 30 minutes while meditating and releasing all that no longer serves you.

Share food and drinks, shop our exclusive retail and share conversation with the group .

The Gathering is great to do on the full moon, new moon and solstice, as well as girls night, date night, birthday, shower, couples retreat and more.

This is a great bonding experience and also an awesome addition to team building, couples date, retreats, mother/daughter events and more.

$100 Per person