Pre/Post Op & PynkSxCulpt

We offer pre op and post op lymphatic drainage massage.  

Pre op massage is a great benefit to prepare your body for any surgery by relaxing the body and stimulating lymphatic flow for faster healing.


Post op massage helps reduce pain and inflammation and scar tissue as well as stimulate lymphatic flow to release fluid and toxins for faster healing.  Also helps reduce fibrosis and seromas.

Suggested Post Op Massage Schedule for Best Results

Week 1: Daily (5 minimum)
Week 2: 3x Week
Week 3: 2x Week
Week 4-12: 1x Week

Breast Augmentation
Week 1: 3x week
Week 2: 2x week
Week 3-4: 1x week
Week 5-8: 1x every other week

Tummy Tuck
Week 1: No Sessions
Week 2: 2-3x week
Week 3-4: 2x week
Week 5-8 1x week

BBL + Lipo 360
Week 1: Daily (5 days)
Week 2: 3x week
Week 3-6: 2x week
Week 7-8: 1x week
Week 9: skip
Week 10: 1x weekly
Week 11: skip
Week 12: 1x weekly


Lipo 360
Week 1: Daily (5 minimum)
Week 2: 3x week
Week 3-6: 2x week
Week 7-8 1x weekly


Pre/Post Op/Lymphatic Massage


1st visit - $130 - 1 hour session includes consult, detox tea, healing balm, massage, infrared light


30 minutes (includes massage, healing balm, rebandage as needed, infrared light, water) -

$55 or 3/$160, 6/$310, 12/$600


45 minutes (includes massage, healing balm, rebandage as needed, infrared light, water) -

$90 or 3/$260, 6/$500, 12/$960


After plastic surgery and lymphatic massage sessions you can transition to PynkSxCulpt body sculpting to refine and maintain your surgery results and keep you on track with your wellness goals.


Our PynkSxCulpt Body sculpting program is a uniquely customized plan that is done twice a week for four weeks. Evaluation is done after every 30 day plan based on goals and body type. 


Each plan includes home care items and instructions for eating and drinking to get the best results.

Services included in the plan:

Laser Lipo with Sauna Bed

Cavitation and Radio Frequency 

EMS/Electro Muscle Stimulation

Sauna Body Wrap


High Frequency 

Pynk Ice and Wood SxCulpting

Wood Therapy

Vacuum Therapy


Consultation ($25) required before starting a plan. Services may be purchased individually ($100 each, wood/ice is $150 per session)

Pynk SxCulpt Body Contouring 


Intro Package -- 8 sessions includes 1 ice session.  Sessions are done 2x per week over 30 days - $800 (includes consult, detox tea, lymphatic home care kit)


Expansion Package -- 8 sessions including 1 ice session.  Sessions are done 2x per week over 30 days - $900 (includes consult, detox tea, 1 gallon water bottle, waist trainer, finesse cream, lymphatic home care kit) 

Accelerated Wood and Ice Package -- 8 wood and ice sessions. Sessions are done 2x per week over 30 days - $1,00

10 ounce ice jars are available for home care maintenance  - $40


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