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Rhonda Holt
Mindset & Wellness


I have been a holistic mindset and wellness practitioner for over 20 years.  Helping you on your self-care journey is my passion.  I use massage and bodywork, esthetics, natural supplements, meditation and mindset work to help you understand yourself and help you reach your goals.  i have worked with thousands, so check my reviews, call me for a free phone consultation and schedule your session so we can get you started living the life you desire and deserve.


Our Service Menu

Pynk Post Op Care:

 $150 includes massage with my hands, infrared light and vibration machine. 

Post Op Care Retail Items:

30 days of detox tea - $30

30 days of green supplements - $60

waist cincher - $20

healing balm - $45/4 oz jar

anti-inflammatory massage oil - $60

healing oxygen serum - $100

lipo/detox drops - $50

standing urinal - $20

Life/Business Coaching

Custom Blended
Essential Oils 

Starting at $20

Card Reading


Skin Tag Removal


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