Rhonda Holt
Wellness & Post Op

At Pynk Monky Esthetics & Wellness, we offer top-notch wellness services. From the minute you walk into our Spa, you’ll know you’re in good hands.  Rhonda Holt is our master wellness practitioner, offering customized wellness services and natural remedies using herbs, essential oils and more.


Sit back, relax and let us do the rest!


Our Service Menu

Post Op

Lymphatic Drainage

Starting at $150Packages Available

Pynk Post Op Care:

 $150 includes massage with my hands, infrared light, vibration machine. Package of 8/$1200 with bonus food guide. (save $25)

Pynk Premium Post Op Care:

$175 Includes tier 1 plus 1 healing balm tube for incisions, 7 days of detox tea, 7 days of green nutrients. Package of 8/$1400 with bonus food guide and anti-inflammatory essential oil for daily home care. (save $100)

Pynk Platinum Post Op Care:

Tier 3: $200 Includes tier 1 & 2 plus food guide, post op essential oil, post oxygen spray, standing urinal, card reading, 30 day mindset coaching, my personal phone number for priority access, priority booking. Package of 8/$1600 with bonus massage appointment (save $200)

Post Op Care Retail Items:

30 days of detox tea - $30

30 days of green supplements - $50

waist cincher - $50

ani inflammatory food guide - $30

healing balm - $10/tube, $20/2 oz jar

anti-inflammatory massage oil - $50

healing oxygen spray - $50

standing urinal - $25

Life Coaching

Starting at $65

Card Reading


Pain Therapy

Starting at $65

Custom Blended
Essential Oils 

Starting at $20

Skin Tag Removal


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